Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I have been taking a break from coupons so all the expired coupons, I mail to our troops and their families.  It is nice to help others out.  I am starting to get back into it due to some health issues. 

Monday, November 14, 2011


I am learning this whole blog thing.  I am still new to this so bare with me.  Jess and I are starting to do coupons.  We are still new and learning so much.  Thanks to Michelle Waggoner and her training class  We use to pay full price on items, now, we have saved so much, if I remember correctly, the last shopping trip to Gerbes, we saved 50% or more on our grocery bill.  It was so awesome to see the bill go down and keep going down.  At first Jess was freaking out on the price, and when they scanned my Gerbes plus card and the coupons I had, he was like, "I can get use to this".  Now his new thing "Get things free" lol.  We have not shopped at Walmart as much like we use to.  We use to shop their all the time almost every few days.  Now we buy foods for that week.  Next, it will be foods for a month.  We haven't spent money to go out and eat.  Saves us tons of money.  It is amazing how much money you save when you don't don't go out and eat all the damn time.  It is cheap, and cost efficient.  I am now learning how to get free samples in the mail by the manufactures and they send me coupons including on items we use.

I have a subscription to Columbia Tribune and we did the math yesterday for St. Louis Dispatch $2.00 for newspaper on Sunday and Kansas City Star $1.00 for newspaper.  I am not extreme but we are building a small stockpile of cans, body wash, soaps, toothpaste and what not so we don't have to keep buying them.  We have cans of vegetable and soups now to last us for a while.  I also print my coupons besides inserts in the newspaper.  The sites I go to and love: 

Another place, is from Michelle Waggoner site.

I also have many sites I go to on coupons and search their database for specific stores and see what they have on sale and that helps me determine which store has the best deals with my coupons.  I will post that later.  I just wanted to start this.